11 Worst Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Maid Service

If you are looking to keep your house neat and tidy, but are unable to do so due to a busy work schedule, approaching a Maid Service is the perfect solution. You can determine the frequency of the clean ups or it may even be a one time job. By hiring the right company, you will get the best results, leaving your house looking as good as new!
However, when it comes to choosing a maid agency, there are certain factors which need careful consideration.

Maid Agency

Look below to see the list of some of the worst mistakes which you must avoid at all costs:

Mistake 1: Not Looking At Reviews
Previous reviews and recommendations will tell you whether the maid agency is great, awful or anything in between. These are the people who will be present in your house, sorting through your things and looking into different rooms. Due to the time it takes, you may choose to call them over when you are out of the way. Being present in your house unsupervised, it is best that you check out their reviews in order to decide whether they are trustworthy and reliable.

Mistake 2: Believing Everything You Are Told
This is a by-product of Mistake 1. When you believe everything advertised on the official website of the maid service without looking into outside reviews, you may be setting yourself up for a trap. Marketing is the key to any business, and in not believing all of this, lies the success of the consumer. Look beyond the services provided by the official website and check out their rate of effectiveness on other websites or through previous customers before settling on a particular maid agency.

Mistake 3: Choosing A Company Not Approved By The Consumer’s Association of Singapore
False advertising is not unheard of. In fact, it is an old ploy meant to lure customers in and entrap them before they know what is happening. So before selecting a maid agency, do your own research to determine whether they are truly approved by the Consumer’s Association of Singapore. No matter what their website states, the truth may surprise you. This is because if they are not, then there is a chance that you may undergo some jail time! In dealing with the possibility of such serious consequences, it is best to not take any chances.

Mistake 4: Thinking Lowest Means Best
Choosing an agency with the lowest price may often mean that you receive the lowest quality of service. Save yourself the trouble and avoid basing your decision solely on the price range. Instead, look into the quality of service provided, and ask previous customers about their evaluation of the agency. It is better to pay a little extra than having to pay twice for another maid agency to clean up the mess the first agency left behind.

Mistake 5: Not Making A Plan
Would you like to clean the living room and the kitchen? Should the maid service also clean the curtains and do the laundry? Do you need the bathrooms cleaned as well? All these factors need to be determined before selecting a maid agency. By choosing a maid service without looking into this, you may effectively be making one of the worst mistakes possible. This is because not all agencies offer every service. Most of them come with a limited range of services, and by not conducting proper research, you may be in for a surprise when your newly hired maid refuses to do the laundry.

Maid Agency

Mistake 6: Not Discovering The Maid’s Past
The maid is going to be working in your house, keeping your furniture clean and the place presentable. Whether this becomes a daily ritual, a regular event or a one time thing, it is best that she is someone who is responsible and respectable. As a result, approach the company to find out the background of their candidates. Ask them of the background searches they themselves may have conducted to find out for sure whether the agency is a reliable one.

Mistake 7: Choosing A Company That Doesn’t Provide You With A Free Consultation
Most maid agencies will give you a free consultation before you pick a maid. They will be able to send multiple candidates over for you to select from. This is especially true when hiring a maid for daily services. Moreover, an individual consultation is also necessary for both you and the maid to understand what is required of the job at hand. A company that doesn’t offer this service is a company to be skeptical about.

Mistake 8: Not Knowing the Products/Chemicals Used in Cleaning
Ask your maid agency about the products they use to clean houses. This is extremely necessary for people with allergies which could likely be sparked through the use of particular products. So stay on the alert and avoid the horrible sensation of a sudden allergy outbreak.

Mistake 9: Not Selecting A Company With A Guarantee
A company with a guarantee is a company proud of its performance. A guarantee shows its respectability as well as provides an assurance of a job well done. By selecting a company without a guarantee, it is likely that you will not be entirely satisfied with the results.

Mistake 10: Not Selecting A Helpful Agency
In approaching an agency to find out more information, note how forthcoming they are. See if they are willing to help you with dedication and commitment to put you at ease. If you have a problem with the maid, these are the people you will be approaching. As a result, if they aren’t forthcoming as you try to decide on an agency and find out more about them, they won’t be helpful in case of problems and discomfort in the future.

Mistake 11: Selecting An Agency With A Per-Hour Rate
If you are looking to go easy on your wallet without compromising on the services offered, the best advice would be to select an agency that provides a flat rate for their services. An agency with per-hour rates could result in the maids taking longer to complete their given tasks in order to increase their salary.

By avoiding the above mistakes, you can easily select a maid agency to provide you with the most satisfactory services. After all, a maid can make your entire life easier, or be the gateway to hell. Save yourself the trouble, and select an agency which is willing to work hand in hand with you for the best results!